Convert Leads into Customers

Customer Acquisition Services and Solutions

Both B2B and B2C businesses build complex omni-channel communication and marketing strategies to attract targeted prospects. Once that prospect shows an interest, it’s imperative to have the right lead conversion system in place to properly sell the product or service.

Customer Acquisition Services

Our exceptional contact center support professionals bring decades of experience and accountability to educate, motivate and instill potential customers with your brand value, market strength, product offering and other key product benefits. In the end, your company adds loyal customers to its customer list and profit to the bottom line.

Inbound Sales

Let Triton handle inbound order taking, inbound B2B and B2C sales through our direct to consumer customer contact center.

Outbound Sales

Let Triton handle outbound lead generation calls and abandoned customer orders to save a sale.

Customer Onboarding

Trust Triton with our outbound customer contact center to drive B2B sales.


Market products or services direct to consumer through Triton's experienced customer contact center.

Cross Selling

Sell additional products or services to an existing customer.

Up Selling

Engage customers to purchase more, in addition to other add-ons for higher sales.

Prospecting. Qualifying. Closing.

Triton develops an acquisition strategy that creates a path for on-boarding your targeted leads. Triton’s proven system for managing the entire customer acquisition cycle is defined, measurable and adaptable for inbound and outbound campaigns - independently or collectively.

  • Great prospecting - B2B companies use Triton to find the decision makers requiring their solution, and confirm readiness to buy.
  • Value in prospect qualifying - Sell to your likely prospects. The economic benefit is to focus energy on leads that best fit your ideal customer profile. Using customer qualification techniques, Triton skillfully engages with each prospect to uncover their readiness to purchase your product or service.
  • Successful closing - Triton prepares management leaders and trained Customer Acquisition Specialists with insights and compelling scripting to convert the most promising prospects into loyal customers.
Outbound Customer Service

Outbound Lead Nurturing for B2B Businesses

The B2B sales cycle can take time to convert a lead into a customer. That’s why outsourcing your outbound calls with Triton throughout the entire sales funnel brings consistency, transparency, consumer trust and results. Global leaders in B2B industries such as Technology, Manufacturing and Banking have netted loyal, revenue-generating customers by partnering with Triton’s contact center services professionals.

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Inbound Customer Service

Exceptional Service. Brand Focus. Quality of Calls.

Triton’s U.S.-based, 24/7/365 organization stands out from the competition by offering a robust multi-channel customer support strategy platform. Our engagement channel solutions include:

Live Agents

Our agents are available 24/7/365 and highly trained.

Automated Messaging

Mutli-channel customer support including Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

SMS / Text Messaging

Text-enable your customer service, sales and relationships.

Email Support

Increase customer acquisition through email automation.

Social Media

Engagement with customers via social media including Facebook and Instagram.

Web Chat

Hands-on representatives with our chat solutions.

We Are The Customer Facing Voice of Your Brand

Put your trust in Triton, where industry leaders, big and small, have achieved successful revenue growth and customer conversion.

What Makes Us Different

The right customer experience at the point of customer acquisition can positively impact the (LTV) of a customer and nurture happy, profitable customers.

  • Multi-channel Support
  • Sales-driven Culture
  • Call Center Infrastructure with Two US-based Call Centers
  • Quality Assurance and Monitoring
  • Call Center Hiring and Training
  • Data Security
  • Scalability, Adaptability and Flexibility in Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Premiere Technology-based Systems
  • Relationship-driven Customer Engagement Approach
Outbound Customer Service

Build a Great Customer Experience to Last a Lifetime

We grow sales, deepen customer relationships and deliver great experiences...that’s the Triton way. We spend the time to understand your business, industry, services and products so we can create a customized customer contact strategy focused on quality and performance. We will represent your brand with integrity and conviction as we have for the millions of media-driven inbound and outbound calls and communications handled on a daily basis for our other clients.

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Inbound Customer Service

Choose Triton to Lead Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Get started today! Our diverse group of industry leaders have the experience in achieving successful revenue growth and customer conversion.


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