Customer Service

Happy Customers Mean Happier Bottom Lines

Outsource your customer contact center services fully or partially to optimize results efficiently and affordably. We partner with our clients to help them build more loyal and rewarding relationships with their own clients.

Custom Campaign Solutions

Triton keeps up with today’s fast-paced customer service experience utilizing our seamlessly integrated technology infrastructure established at our call center locations. Leveraging current business trends, strategies and methodologies we assimilate into our clients' customer service technology systems seamlessly. Let us show you what we can do as we apply our market knowledge and best-practices to every client campaign!

Triton Technologies

We Offer Customer Service Solutions To Fit Any Need

Triton develops an acquisition strategy that creates a path for on-boarding your targeted leads. Our proven system for managing the entire customer acquisition cycle is defined, measurable and adaptable for inbound and outbound campaigns - independently or collectively.

Appointment Setting
Technical and Product Support
Save a Sale
Account Information Retrieval
Bill reminders
Billing support
Scheduled meeting reminders
Help desk services
Store/office locator and directions
Information requests
Product returns and exchanges
Automated surveys, including customer satisfaction
Order status updates
Customer retention
Upsell and cross-sell
Inbound and outbound sales
Lead generation

Outbound Customer Service

Service Path Steps

  • We conduct data analysis to uncover areas where revenue retention can be enhanced. We research methodologies and history related to handling credits, returns, credit card issues and shipping.
  • We model for improvements, run monthly tests against the model, and implement enhancements to optimize results.
Outbound Customer Service

Inbound Customer Service

Our management and customer service teams are focused on saving sales and creating revenue retention opportunities. We establish an experiential one-on-one relationship with each customer that calls in. We deepen the customer’s trust to build a long-term relationship and valued customer experience that drives repeat business and revenue growth.

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Inbound Customer Service

Experience and Success

  • Decades of proven experience designing, implementing and managing multi-service programs.
  • Expedient campaign deployment achieved in our team-focused environment.
  • Real-time campaign reporting that helps guide your decisions.
  • Our in-house seasoned agents are highly trained and career focused, which provides our clients a more dedicated, stable and educated representative as opposed to a gig economy/virtual agent.
  • Triton's customer centric business practices provide a more positive customer experience before and after the sale which drives customer loyalty and profits.
  • Attention to customer LTV campaign building enriches the customer relationship.
Customer Service
Triton Technologies

Results You Can Measure

Find out how we've helped our clients!

  • We've achieved a 20-30% reduction in contact center costs via internal process improvements.
  • Triton has maintained a high 80-90% average first call-resolution rate for customer care issues.
  • Improved LTV and customer retention using clients' data for sharper insights.
  • We’ve successfully retained 80% of our skilled in-house, full-time customer experience professionals.

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Triton will bring value to your acquisition, activation, retention, sales conversion, upsell/cross-sell, customer win-back or any other customer relationship.


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