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Maximize Your Marketing, Sales & Customer Service Message With Mobile Text Messaging

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Maximize Your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Message with Mobile Text Messaging

Triton helps businesses reach today’s American consumers in their preferred medium - their cellphones. Progressive companies are including a mobile marketing plan and strategy for sales conversion and customer service.

TapnTxt Service

Part of that plan should include Triton’s patent-pending TapnTxt service, a comprehensive text-enabling messaging tool with a live customer service representative if requested. Simple, flexible and versatile, TapnTxt can be applied to any of your marketing or advertising channels.

How Triton's TapnTxt Service Works

TapnTxt is a comprehensive mobile sales and service platform that features secure text-based order processing that can reduce mobile ordering time from 4‐10 minutes to less than 1 minute. It’s fully integrated into any e-Commerce program with widely‐used online payment services including PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay and credit card. This end‐to‐end mobile process dramatically reduces web shopping cart abandonment by offering customers a streamlined and stress-free experience. With TapnTxt, we help make your customer’s mobile shopping easy.

Benefits of Triton's TapnTxt Platform

Build a Trusted Customer Relationship by Adding the TapnTxt Service Into Your Customer Care Platform

Capitalize on All Advertising Platforms

Deploy your email, social media, and other advertising channels so that mobile users can take action immediately. Customers can start a SMS conversation via toll free number, SMS short code or by scanning a QR code.

Measurable Impact and ROI

Triton provides end‐to‐end reporting and analytics as well as assistance with A/B testing. Each interaction is trackable and is fully attributable to Triton’s SMS service.

Highly Scalable

TapnTxt provides a stable alternative to mobile and standard websites without the risk of timeouts/crashes.

Video, Audio and Images are Supported

Share product video demonstrations, audio and images in response to questions within the text conversation.

Not limited to Sales and Support Functions

In addition to processing sales transactions, TapnTxt can be used to offer conversational two‐way text communications for appointment setting, sales promotions, fundraising, event invitations and registration, surveys and more.

Simplifies Mobile Interaction

TapnTxt removes the common customer objections found with branded apps (privacy, security, and device space) and mobile websites (viewed as too clunky, slow, and difficult to use).

Integrate CRM With Inbound & Outbound Calling

Customers can easily click‐to‐call to speak to a live agent 24/7 and immediately pick up where the text conversation is.

Deliver Automation with a Personal Touch

Guides the customer through conversational, scripted text exchanges eliminating typical frustrations with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and simple bots. Communicate in your brand’s unique voice using customized prompts and enhance revenue through suggestive selling.

Triton Technologies Lead Generation

How TapnTxt is Perfect To Gain Your Customer’s Trust

TapnTxt is the perfect solution for automatic customer care. Triton’s customer service representatives are available 24/7 so that your brand and website will have a live agent answer questions. If a consumer doesn’t trust your website, there is no discount or deal that can truly change the trust factor you need to build a loyal customer base.

Together, we can create an elite customer experience that instills solution-oriented engagement and customer advocacy.

Modernize Your Customer Engagement with SMS/TXT Capability

With no investments in personnel, development or infrastructure required, your business can quickly and efficiently mobilize a phone’s native text function to boost customer satisfaction and increase conversions. This turnkey, cloud‐based solution provides everything you need to capitalize on the mobile opportunity.


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