What Is Outbound Sales

The digital era has transformed businesses in many ways both large and small. But one holdover from times past is outbound sales. What is outbound sales? Essentially, outbound sales is the process whereby you directly prospect and approach leads. 

Qualified outbound sales reps will directly prospect for customers, engaging them over the phone in an attempt to generate leads. When done right, it can be a robust avenue of lead generation. 

While a mainstay in the marketing and sales industry for decades, the digital era did not leave outbound sales totally untouched – modern outbound sales can be now be seen in:

  • Direct mail
  • Social media direct messaging (typically LinkedIn) 
  • Cold emailing 
  • Legacy media (television, radio, print)

While the efficacy of outbound sales calling continues to be debated, the data shows that, when executed correctly, it can drive sales and growth in a company. 

Consider that 69% of B2B buyers reported accepting one or more cold calls in 2019, according to the RAIN Group.

That same study found that 82% of buyers accepted meetings with sellers reaching out to them. 

But here’s the most important part: top performers generated 2.7x more leads than other outbound sales reps

In other words, having expertly trained and qualified outbound sales representatives can dramatically boost the ROI of your outbound sales efforts.

(If you’re looking for more information on what inbound sales is, see here.)

What Is Outbound Sales and How Can a BPO Help Your Business Grow

Now that we’ve answered ‘what is outbound sales’ let’s explore more in-depth how a call center can dramatically improve your outbound sales ROI

As mentioned above, having a crack team of expert sales agents can significantly improve lead generation

At the end of the day, there’s talent and skill that goes into making a strong salesperson. Finding these uniquely talented individuals on your own can be difficult. 

You may hire dozens, maybe even hundreds of sales agents before finding a truly gifted, top performer able to deliver the desired ROI.

With outbound call center services, however, you’re guaranteed to be paired with a number of top-tier outbound sales reps.

outbound sales reps


That’s because that’s a contact center’s entire business: recruiting talented agents who are adept at closing the deal with leads.

A quality contact center also provides the resources necessary to scale up or down with demand. 

Have a particularly busy season or need extra support due to a sudden burst in demand? Call centers (as wel as business outsourcing process companies or BPOs) can provide exactly what your business needs, when it needs it. 

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of how call centers can increase sales and otherwise improve your outbound sales strategies

Developing a Sales Calling Plan

One of the best ways to scale up your most successful sales efforts is by developing a sales calling plan.

Essentially, a sales calling plan is simply a process you can develop in-house (or with the help of a BPO) that will help create a standardized approach to a sales call, email, social media direct message, etc. 

Your sales calling plan can vary depending on:

  • The product or service you’re marketing
  • The buyer persona of potential customers
  • Market research
  • Contact information (phone number, email address, social media profile, etc.)
  • And more

But while there are many variables that go into the sales calling plan, building a sales calling plan template is a great way to make things easier on your agents. 

Through data analytics, A-B testing, and a variety of other methods, you can quickly determine which sales processes are the most effective. 

For example, some products may find more success through solution selling (where you specifically touch on pain points and the solution you’re providing). 

Others may focus on the specific qualities of the product (price, efficiency, etc.). 

There are many different ways you can sell your product – finding the most effective and scaling that method across your sales team is the quickest way to generate more leads and a higher ROI on your outbound sales efforts. 

A call center can provide all this, as well as supply your business with sales model examples for your business to follow. 

Call centers are also adept at providing support for:

  • Inbound and outbound sales 
  • Customer service
  • Your in-house sales team
  • More precise methods to qualify leads
  • And more

Inbound vs Outbound Sales

Before we conclude, let’s dive a little bit into the distinction between inbound and outbound sales strategies. 

While outbound sales involves prospecting customers and approaching them directly, inbound sales efforts are powered by content and enticing qualified leads to reach out to you. 

Some inbound sales tactics include: 

  • Content marketing (blogs, ebooks, podcasts, videos, etc.)
  • SEO for service pages
  • SEO for localization
  • Infographics
  • And more

While both inbound and outbound sales can be effective, it will take market research and buyer persona knowledge, as well as a healthy trove of data to analyze, in order to determine which is the right approach (i.e. will yield more sales and higher ROI) for your business. 

It’s worth noting that often a multifaceted approach is best, one which incorporates both inbound and outbound sales tactics. 

One final caveat: you can’t evaluate inbound and outbound sales on the same metrics. 

Inbound ROI is measured by a variety of different metrics and revolves around marketing efforts that will create long-term value by bringing in leads for weeks, months, even years when executed properly. 

Outbound sales, by contrast, involves getting leads one person at a time, and can therefore be time-consuming but, depending on the lifetime value of that customer, could ultimately be very profitable for your business.

Outsourcing to Expert Outbound Sales Reps

outbound sales representatives

This represents just an overview of all a contact center can offer your business when it comes to outbound sales. 

Many of the leading BPOs will offer both inbound and outbound support so you can qualify and close leads faster than you are right now, encouraging business growth and an improved ROI. 

With a call center, outbound sales is just one of the many areas that a contact center or BPO can support your business. It can help you boost ROI through: 

  • Omni channel customer support
  • SMS/Text messaging support
  • Lead generation
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Inbound call center services
  • Advanced automation and analytics
  • And more

When you work with a proven BPO, you can rest assured that your sales efforts will finally yield the ROI you’ve been looking for. 

With two decades experience, we’ve leveraged innovative technology with near-100% client and external system compatibility to help boost clients’ sales efforts, as well as modernize their customer service. And we accomplish all this without resorting to inefficient tactics like cold calls for outbound sales.

We host 300 live agents and achieve an average of 20-30% reduction in contact center costs via internal process improvements.

If you’re ready to outsource your outbound sales calls or just want more information, the experts at Triton Technologies are here to help. Get in touch and start boosting your sales efforts.


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